We take branding seriously and ensure that you’re communicating your business image effectively to your customers.

We can help you design a gorgeous set of logos, print templates, and an attractive identity to go with it all.

Brand Guidelines

Your business is unique. Let’s keep it that way.

Pxl works relentlessly with small and large businesses and organisations alike to formulate the perfect recipes for making your brand, logo and identity exquisitely distinguishable.

So, what’s a Brand Guideline?

It’s nothing complicated – It’s just a set of ‘rules’ intended for you, your employees and your clients to maintain a consistent gorgeous image. This includes everything from what typefaces and fonts to use, what colour should your text be, how big is your logo when you print it on a letter, what you should change, and what you shouldn’t.

The Brand Guideline is your way of ensuring your business image never gets distorted or diluted by unnecessary modifications. It’s crafted out of years of expertise and tears of unicorn-angels. (Seriously, it’s useful)

Do I need one?

Pxl believes that having a Brand Guideline is incredibly important for business development and public image. In short, Yes!

Is it going to cost me a lot?

Nope. Whilst a decent branding guideline is absolutely priceless, it won’t cost the Earth either. If you’re not sure, contact us for a quote. Obligation-free of course.

Logo Design (And Refurbishment!)
Overall branding is very important, but your logo in particular can make or break your business. It’s the first thing your clients will see, and it’s the last thing you want them to forget.

This simple little graphic means a lot…

It’s your tone of voice, and it stands for everything your business is about – Not just the product and service, but even your values and ethics.

Let Pxl walk you through the magnificent journey of carving a striking logo. With years of expertise and highly polished creative principles, we can take your organisation to the next level.

Businesses and people are not that different. Businesses have characters. They also have personalities. And most young businesses will come across some identity crisis at some point.

First things first, what’s an identity and how is this different from ‘branding’?

Identity is a slightly more holistic thing than branding. Branding focuses on graphics and presentation, whilst identity is how your organisation is perceived by your clients. 

What makes a good identity?finger-print

Trust! First and foremost, we firmly believe that the best relationships are based on trust. Your clients need to be able to trust that when they come to you, they’re getting nothing short of perfect.

We do this by establishing some rules about your custom – Along with a carefully crafted package of graphics (This is the branding part!) to help enhance the association between your identity and your business in particular in your clients’ eyes.

How do I know if I need to have my business identity reviewed?

If your business has been struggling a little recently, or if you’ve recently come across some ‘unforeseen circumstances’ and you feel that your business could do with a little refurbishment, contact Pxl and we’ll give you some impartial advice on whether or not your business identity and branding need a little freshening-up.

Packaging Design
We don’t need to explain how much impact packaging has on a customer’s decision whether to buy a product or not.

Packaging design is about thinking outside the box, and inside it, around it, and what it feels like when you open it.

If you have a new product, give us a shout, and together we can create outstanding packaging that will capture the attention of many. We will scrutinise every aspect of the retail and the unpackaging experience and we’ll drill down to the smallest details.

Looking for something else?

If you’re looking for something a bit more specialised, don’t be shy. Contact us to talk about your requirements.